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This review was published in 2006
[MD, 55 [2006]: 163]


The Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants publishes the following pamphlet. Order from them at 150 Wood Rd., Ste. 103, Braintree MA 02184 and add $4.00 for postage and handling.


Mayflower Passengers 1620 by Scott Andrew Bartley (Braintree, Mass., 2006), softcover, iv + 30 pp. $5.00.

This new volume of Mayflower passengers replaces the previous pamphlet on the topic that the Society published back in 1992. The concept of this pamphlet is focused on the latest scholarship regarding each passenger and then meticulously documenting each fact as currently understood to serve as a solid foundation for which further research can be done.

The entries are alphabetically arranged. Each starts with the name of the passenger and the parents if known. The next line is the birth record or an idea of when and where if not exactly known. The death for each follows, and if not known, a range of when the person likely died or was last known living. The marriage line gives all marriages know for each passenger, whether they sailed on the Mayflower or not. There is a short biographical note of interest for each. The last line is a bibliography for the sources for their descendants. The end of the pamphlet is a bibliographic sources list used as the text uses the short-cite method and keyed to this list. This is a very inexpensive list of all the Mayflower passengers with the latest known about each. There is no other such definitive guide.


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